Body Talk

There are many ways of communicating.  Of course, we use our voices to speak to each other but there are various other means of communication.  Sign language for those that are hearing impaired, the written word is used to communicate in various different platforms to many different audiences. However, that is not the only way we communicate.  A person can communicate disgust with a single look on their face.  Our bodies are great at communicating different emotions and feelings, and sometimes whether or not we are telling the truth.   The FBI even has employees that are experts in reading body language.  But have you ever stopped to think about how our body communicates things to itself.  For example, we have all had that GUT feeling when something just wasn’t right about a situation or a person.   Sometimes tragic news can spark a nauseous feeling in our bodies.

But outside of tragic news or those gut feelings, our bodies do talk to us, send messages, that sometimes are disconnected from our brains or maybe we just choose to ignore.  Once I got out of a 25 year dysfunctional relationship I did some deep soul searching and examined all of my behaviors, good, bad or indifferent to determine where they came from, are they healthy and if not, how can I change them.  And that is when I discovered that my body had been telling me for the longest what my mind took 25 years to acknowledge and act upon.

I knew that something was amiss in my marriage, even if I didn’t know what it was or what to call it.  My body told me – screamed at me at times.  I remember my ex-husband getting his pilots license and a plane and me being scared to death to fly with him. Really looking at the issue – I wasn’t scared to fly on any other plane or even a small private plane with another pilot.  I would gladly hop on any flight without a second thought or even an ounce of fear or anxiety but that wasn’t the case with him.  My body was telling me that I did not TRUST him, and frankly he was and is a great pilot.  I intrinsically knew from the core of my being that I couldn’t trust him on any level and that reaction of anxiety and fear was screaming “WE HAVE TRUST ISSUES”!  There were tears that would come immediately after intimacy, they would well up and fall so fast I didn’t even have time to react to squelch or swallow them back. I would think “what just happened?” – “Why tears?” and maybe I thought I knew the answer but just couldn’t articulate it in those moments of obvious emotion/grief/pain whatever it was coming out of my body via the tears.  The numbness and not longing for his touch in any way – hugs, kisses or even to hold his hand – just that dead inside feeling.  My mind told me I was broken – something was wrong with me instead of seeing it as a sign that my body was reacting to a relationship that was broken, non-committed and non-trustworthy.  And those feelings and reactions didn’t just pop up in the last years of our marriage – I had them for YEARS, almost from the words “I do”.

Sometimes in life we make bad decisions that we choose then to follow through and stick it out, whatever they are – and we may be able to fool our minds into thinking everything is ok but our body’s know.  Let me give you an excellent example of that outside of my marriage examples.  Many years ago, 21 to be exact, when I was in the hospital about to give birth to my 2nd child, I remember this odd incident during my labor.  The doctor had administered my epidural so I was feeling no pain.  Contractions were coming and were being monitored.  My mother in law was in the room watching the monitor and visiting with me.  She noticed that I turned my head and looked at the monitor just at the time I was having a contraction.  She asked if I felt any pain and I assured her I felt nothing.  She insisted that I must feel something because I reacted to the contraction by turning and looking at the monitor.  I dismissed her theory and was a little perturbed at her at the time because I know what I felt.  However, looking back it is exactly what I am talking about now – my body knew there was pain even though suppressed by medication,  which is why my head turned to look.  Our bodies know and so did mine for all those years.  It was communicating to me and I refused to listen.

That reactional communication that comes from the internal core of our bodies isn’t by happenstance  – our bodies are created in God’s own image.  Our creator designed us that wayHe created a masterpiece when he created us- fearfully and wonderfully made the bible says.  Equipped with our own internal alarm system – no additional wiring required.  We just need to listen, be truthful with ourselves and acknowledge the sirens when they go off and stop hitting the snooze button.  My body is keenly aware of my internal sirens and I now do acknowledge them – it still takes me a while with some things – because Oh that snooze button is easy to push.  But thankfully I am a better listener and less of an ignorer.   I hear my body talk to me so clearly these days and I am making sure I never ignore what it is saying again.  It speaks only truth.

“For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made” Psalms 139: 13-14  


A Special Tribute

There are certain principles that I have always tried to teach my children, those that are the foundation of my value system.  For example, choose a career that you are passionate about (you have to do it for a long long time) regardless of how much money you earn, live within your means and making a lot of money doesn’t equal success, sometimes wealth has nothing to do with money.  My children have probably heard me say these things to them hundreds of times in their short life time.    More than just hearing me say it, one can only pray that someone else models those principles for my kids and it has an impact on their lives.

Earlier this week this world lost a shining example of all of those things.  Karen Crawford, a name that so many knew in our community.  And as I attended a portion of her funeral services I realized just what we had witnessed and what we had lost.  She was a teacher and a coach.  She loved what she did and did it because she was passionate about the kids she taught and those she coached.  Every life she touched she made a difference.  Generations of girls/women’s lives in our community  were shaped and molded by this one person who gave so much of herself.

Her funeral was packed with people who loved her;  both family, friends, former students, athletes and moms.  The people just kept coming and coming, pouring in to pay their respects to this amazing woman and her family.  My daughter drove 4.5 hours to attend and honor this woman who meant so much to her.  There were tears and laughter throughout, with stories being told of her spirited personality and true love of God, Family and people.  In her death, I think we all were able to look around and realize the depth of her influence and a life well lived.

How did we come to know and love Karen Crawford?  She was my daughters high school cheer coach.  But she was so much more than just a coach to Lizzy.  Karen was a mentor, an encourager that anything was possible with a little hard work and was Lizzy’s biggest cheerleader (outside of me) – and really all that knew her felt the same way.  She had a unique way of being that very thing to many people as well as her own family.  I am lucky enough that our paths crossed and she reinforced and modeled what I so wanted my daughter to learn in this life.  I am grateful for the lessons she passed along to not only my daughter but to the many girls in our area that will take those lessons and pass them along to the future generations. Like a pebble dropped in a lake that ripples to the shore – Karen’s legacy will ripple along for many lifetimes….


My sincere condolences to the Crawford family.  She is forever loved and will be forever missed.

Coping…..and lemonade

In life there are many circumstances that require us to develop and implement coping mechanisms.  Death, Abuse, illness, Divorce, etc.  All traumatic events equally for those walking through them.  With any thing, some coping mechanism manifest themselves positively and some negatively.  Drinking alcohol is probably the most well known and most recognizable coping mechanism but there are many others that afflict.

It wasn’t until I started going through this journey that I recognized that I had them too. Implemented to cope with what my life had become over the last 25 years.  It took me a while to peel back the layers of my behavior and discover the root of their origin and to call them what they were.

It’s our body’s natural response to protect itself.  Our body has the ability to fight against infections and disease.  The same concept is true when our heart, mind and soul are under attack.  Early on in my relationship, I would try to fight back with words but quickly learned that got me nowhere.  Silence became a learned behavior and my voice was heard only in my journal entries.  Those entries chronicled the worst of our relationship.  I penned hurts and feelings as if I was talking directly to him.  This was my way of coping with being silenced, never heard and not wanting to fight (because I knew I could never win and was always made to feel it was my fault).  Once confronted face to face with infidelity I just stopped writing in my journal altogether.  It was too much for me to feel to write it down, I just needed to be numb.  I numbed my emotions so much so that the dysfunction and lack of feeling anything began to feel normal to me. Eventually stuffing those feelings and not dealing with them in a healthy way made me a neurotic mess.  I would fly off the handle at the simplest of obstacles or roadblocks in day to day life and I became rigid with schedules and how I envisioned plans should be carried out, so much so that I eventually needed to medicate myself with anti-depressants.

Once I began the divorce process – the coping mechanisms looked differently.  They weren’t as deep and rooted into my personality, because once My ex left my physical space, the elephant that sat on my chest got up and went with him.  I could finally breathe. My new coping strategies helped me find laughter in the midst of the storm and they helped me create a new normal, which really was NORMAL and healthy.   Soon after he left, I found myself changing all the pictures in the house to those of me and my kids.  His name in my phone changed to something that was not so nice – but it sure was funny to have siri say it.  My best friend monogramed everything with my maiden name initials – Hand towels for my bathroom, shirts, shoes, bags and purses.   I slept in the middle of my king bed as a statement that I was the queen of my castle. Those things that I knew my ex held near and dear were fair game now – for example, I recently painted a table I bought for the camp and to paint the legs I had to get a little bit of paint on the concrete in the driveway.  Could I have put newspaper under the legs of the table so that I didn’t get paint onto the concrete – Absolutely I could have – but I chose not to, symbolically,   because I don’t care about the paint on the driveway and I know that would have infuriated him had he still lived in my house. Oh, and after just a few short months of him being gone I stopped taking the anti-depressants that once helped me “keep it together” – if you know what I mean, and have never felt the need to take them again.

It’s funny the things we, as humans do to cope with our bag of lemons.  Our bodies and minds go to extravagant measures to protect itself from the pain and sorrow that life sometimes offers, to get us over the hump of the sour fruit and into the land of fresh squeezed lemonade.

And so as I look back at my sour fruit, my lemons, it just reaffirms the way I now live my life – authentically honest.  Because anything short of that gets me what I once had – silenced, numb and a vast array of unhealthy coping mechanisms.  God gives us life to live it abundantly and as I look in my rear view mirror I see that I was not living it abundantly – I wasn’t living it at all.  I was just existing, going through the motions, and medicated at that.  The windshield is vast with opportunities for a life God intended for me to have.  Remixed and plucked from dysfunction so that I could thrive and give him all the Glory, telling my story, giving witness to his greatness and drinking the lemonade.




Broken Things

Society as a whole categorizes people – all people, into many slots.  Over 40, 65 and older, white, black, asian, College Graduate, High School Graduate and last but not least – Married, Single or Divorced.  When you are young and in your 20’s checking the single box is ok and your still good as long as you don’t carry that status over into your 30’s.  And I have heard several people say that that is mostly a southern thing – that our southern population feels the need to marry our young off as quickly as possible after they graduate high school.  I felt that pressure – hence I was married at 20 years old.  But its the other status I want to discuss in this post – the Divorced status.

I can remember when our separation was new and I had just filed for divorce,  I could not bring myself to say I was divorcing  or that he was my ex-husband.  A full session with my life coach was spent talking about this and working through it.   It had alot to do with just getting use to my reality and being ok with what the truth was but the other part was subconsciously knowing how my peers and society would view me.

Women who are divorced are viewed as “broken” .  Maybe its a leftover generational viewpoint from the older generation where divorce was a rarity – I am not sure where it comes from but it is there.  There are people, even those close to me who have never walked this walk and don’t understand the daily struggle but look at me like I am wearing the proverbial scarlet letter “D” stitched to my very being.  All the while those same people are trying to “Fix” me, which is code for marry me off.  They would never say this outright but all of their conversations with me have the same undertone to them –  hurry and find a man and get married again and all will be right in the world – I won’t be broken anymore.  Wait, Stop, slow your roll!  Maybe just maybe I don’t want to be married again.  Maybe Not Broken doesn’t always equal Married. Maybe if I am “Broken” I should be fully healed from a controlling, toxic relationship first before moving straight to jump off the marriage cliff again.   Maybe the effort it takes to be in a forever relationship like marriage is just more than I want to give at this moment in time.

So I examined and prayed about that term “broken” and here is the amazing thing that some may not realize about broken things.  Those are the very things that GOD uses.  All throughout the bible he uses the beggars, the prodigals, the weak and the wounded to tell the story of the love, compassion, mercy and grace that comes flowing from above.  For me that very fact gives me hope that there is a purpose for my pain.  For me it means that I can contribute from this experience, even though I am divorced.  That I do have something to offer even if society views me as Broken.  What story would I have to tell if I had the “All American White Picket Fence life” that I once portrayed that I had?  I can answer that question now – I would have nothing but FAKE news to offer.  I faked it for so long that that should be viewed as broken.   My true “BROKEN” story is one of strength, purpose, obedience and beauty from ashes.

Divorce does not always equal broken… sometimes it equals healthy and whole.  Sometimes its a stage for you to show your beautiful daughter just what you’re made of and allow her to see the strength you have from clawing your way out of that situation into a beautiful UNBROKEN life…… and she does see it (see her Facebook post after my first blog post below).

lizzy fb post

VICTORY!  Her view of me resonates so much with my soul.  Knowing that I am teaching her life lessons through my walk makes it all worth it – every tear I have shed, every judgement that has been cast upon me, every bad day…. all worth it.

So I’ll take broken…. and for now I will gladly check the box next to Divorced and wear that Scarlet letter D because the alternative is to move in the direction with the flow of society and quickly get to checking the married box again and I am just not ready and neither are my children – Bigs or Littles.





We Bought a Camp


Recently I made a decision to purchase a “Camp” on the river in this small community East of Baton Rouge.  It was something that I had always wanted to have and even after beginning to look it was a daunting undertaking if not for my best friend from high school and her wonderful husband that live in the area.  We spend a lot of time together anyway and now having them as partners in this purchase made “Camp” ownership a possibility.

And what’s even better GOD knew exactly what I wanted to accomplish in having a camp, as I prayed about it long and hard.  He even addressed my many concerns and apprehensions too.  It’s amazing how the FATHER knows our very hearts desires, our biggest fears and orchestrates answers to each from above, sending those in our paths that were put there for a purpose.

He knew I would need someone to help with the upkeep as well as someone to share my time with out there, “poof” he sent me Desiree and Eddy.  And I cannot say enough about this partnership that has developed out of a life long friendship.  And we each have our roles –   Eddy of course does the manly things that camp life requires, Desiree is our boat captain (as I would never venture to learn to drive, dock and maintain a boat – not in my wheelhouse of things I am good at – but she rocks at it) and I cook, but most importantly we all have FUN and love life at the camp.

GOD also knew I needed a peaceful place to replenish my spirit from the stresses of my life – what’s more peaceful than being on the water.  He knew I wanted to be part of a community that embraced friendship and like to have FUN – and he delivered.  The people I have met in my small camp community are genuine, welcoming and fun loving.  They look out for each other, love to gather up and visit, laugh, watch football, eat and have fun.   Its everything I asked GOD for and MORE.  I have even found a small church home in the area with some incredibly sweet people.

My camp will be a place where good memories will be made with my circle of friends from home, my kiddos as well as new experiences with new friends.  I can’t wait!!!!!


Building Blocks to a New Life

There are so many sayings that people throw at you when they hear you are divorcing such as “God never closes one door without opening a new one”, “Just move on . Sometimes you have to give up on people, not because you don’t care but because they don’t” or “Moving on doesn’t mean that you forget about things. It just means that you have to accept what happened and continue living”.  All great quotes to help those of us walking in the valley of Divorce to make sense of what has happened to our lives.  But here is the million dollar question: how do we move on?  How does one create a new life?

My life for so long as a married woman was controlled in every aspect, down to the clothes I wore.  I fought to be able to do the things I wanted to, most times losing the fight and just giving up to what I was “allowed” to do.  Now, like a convict recently released from prison – I have all of this freedom to decide what I want to do and how I will spend my time and most definitely what clothes I will wear.  And although I began this journey thinking I needed to rebuild my life – My thinking has shifted AND… I am BUILDING a new life.  Rebuilding tends to lead you to believe it will look the same or very close to what it was before and I DON’T want my life to look the same.  I have been purposeful in choosing to do things that will increase my friend circle, feed my need for adventure and competition, embrace my love of sports and allow me to be myself.

It has not been an easy task – building a new life.  I have had to be diligent in keeping my momentum moving forward and not letting myself become stagnant. One of the biggest challenges a newly divorced person must overcome is having to redefine or recreate a friend circle.  As once being part of a married couple, my life was surrounded by married friends.  When divorce happens married friends tend to go away – its awkward as you become the third wheel.  But I must admit, my community of friends included a few very special married friends that surrounded me, embraced my singleness and never ever make me feel like a third wheel. I have also reclaimed high school friendships, those where we picked up where we left off 27 years ago (yes 27 years) and had acquaintances move into my “close” friend circle.  And as I mentioned in my previous post – I am surrounded by people that want to be in my life – want to take part in the things that are important to me.


“Freedom of choice” is an essential thing in moving my life forward – like the air I needed to finally breath.  I have embraced that freedom and have chosen to reintroduce tennis into my life after not being allowed to play for so many years.  Tennis was always an ever present activity in my family.  I remember my entire family spending many summers on the tennis courts together.   Reconnecting with that sport has been very nostalgic for me and I feel at home when I play.   I started playing with a weekly community league in Lake Charles and have met many great people through that league. I am also playing in a competitive League and again it has led to some great opportunities to increase my territory.  For the upcoming fall league my mother is even dusting off her racquet and playing on my team – and that feels good and right.

I like competition but also like competing against myself.  I have ran 5Ks, a 10K, will be running a half marathon, completed several triathlons and a duathlon.  Even in the moments during a race that I think, this is hard – I want to give up – I push myself through it.  I have to – I can’t quit, just like I can’t quit my life because it isn’t easy sometimes.   I have a “partner in crime” that pushes me and competes with me, as well as a group of people from my AMAZING TRAINER’S gym that compete alongside of me for the running events.  We encourage each other and celebrate our accomplishments, even if they are small in nature.

I have traveled near and far to some amazing places:  from Bora Bora to Phoenix for the NCAA Final Four to Disneyworld and back.  I have more places on my bucket list to see -although I might have more things on my bucket list than I have actual time for.  Being single does present a problem when traveling and even when vacation should be a happy time I find a bit of sadness that comes along with me.   But I am not letting that stop me or put a damper in my spirit.   My big kids are great travel companions but are not always available so I have researched travel groups or adventures where I can go by myself.  Be looking for me to document some of my travels in 2018 – my tentative list includes some breathtaking places.

There are so many, many things that I have become involved with and have chosen to do in the past couple of years that make my life full and make my life look “different” – the different that I envisioned.  Each activity, each interaction, each trip, a block that is stacked upon the other – building blocks if you will – that help me build that new life.

So do I have the million dollar answer?  I am not sure that I have mastered it enough to say that, BUT,  what I can say is that there is healing in me CHOOSING to do whatever it is that I want to do, asking no one for permission and that my friends is worth more than a million dollars.




When I originally had thought about this post it was to address “what do I do with the memories and the pictures of my past”.  The vacation pictures, birthday party pictures, special event pictures, etc .. all memories captured in a moment of time when I was married, when I had an intact family.  How do I process those feelings of loss, those feelings of what will never be again?  In combing through the multitude of pictures I had taken in years past to capture what were joyous and momentous occasions – I saw something that made me stop and think.  I found myself looking very closely at those pictures.  More so at ME in those pictures.  Then I started to compare pictures of pre-divorce to those of post divorce and I think the question that I was looking to answer in this post was visibly answered and closure found. So let me show you what I mean:

Here are pictures of me and my family pre-divorce.  They look good right?  We did many things as a family and a married couple.  We vacationed sometimes 2 or 3 times per year, never the same place twice.  We made many good memories that me and my children still reminisce about.  Which is why it was so hard for me to look back at these images.  I looked with sadness and a sort of longing for the familiar that was my life for so long.

Then I looked at my post divorce pictures and saw an raw unadulterated JOY in my face. With me now being truthful with myself, I could look at the old pictures and connect that there was a sadness in my spirit that didn’t loom over me in my recent pictures.  I noticed that I was no longer isolated and so many pictures included people in them.  It was evident that I found my silliness and zest for life again. And although my life looks different now than I had originally planned it to at age 44, it is GOOD, VERY GOOD.

And there were so many pictures I wanted to include, it was so hard for me to choose.  The one picture of me and my kids on the ride at Disney is the funniest.  That was our first trip as a redefined family unit and we all felt the difference – the lightness in the air and our silliness came out – staging pictures on this ride – we must have done it 5 times.  My recent photo library is filled with fun photos showing my travel adventures, my experiences with my friends and extended family, sporting events that I attend, concerts, gatherings at my house, time spent with my kiddos, etc. and every one of them brings a smile to my face!

So what was intentioned as a post about dealing with the unfamiliar and uncomfortable images of the past found itself as a post about joyous transformations.  Not all change is bad, uncomfortable – yes, but sometimes much needed even at our resistance of it.  There is no doubt that it is hard to look back.  I know sometimes I think where did I go wrong, why did I stay so long, why did I choose the paths I did – but it was those very choices that made me who I am.  I even think sometimes, will I ever have “that” – you know the “white picket fence family”.  There is no clear answer for that,  as my crystal ball isn’t functioning these days.  That reality makes me uncomfortable, truly uncomfortable, sometimes so much so that I cannot find my “Center” with not knowing what my future looks like.  But I sit in that space and cling to GOD’s word:  Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you”, declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”.  And there you go….  when you hold to that TRUTH I know my future is in the right hands.

Joy, Transformation, and the Hope for a Prosperous Future….. all found in looking through some pictures.


Welcome to “Life After Blog….”  Life after what you ask?  For me, the precipitous for this blog is Life after Divorce.  But in this journey you will find that I record a lot of “life after” events…  Life after adoption, Life after children going to college, life after loss and many others that you may experience yourself.  Writing has proven to be very therapeutic for me throughout this journey and I started during the adoption process of my 1st adopted child.  That blog chronicled my adoption journey and recorded those precious memories, thoughts and feelings as I was experiencing them.   But now, my life has far outgrown just writing about the adoption of my 2 youngest daughters.

Here’s my story in a nutshell, just so you have a little background.  I was a senior in high school when I met who is now my ex husband.  Not sure I would characterize it as love at first sight or even love at all.  At the tender age of 18 – I got on the proverbial “train” which was our relationship and couldn’t get off.  I was married and pregnant at age 20.  Had 2 children by the time I was 23 – my son Christopher (who is now 23) and my daughter Elizabeth ( who is now 20).  And the train roared on……  Fast forward past several jobs, many houses, several business ventures, birthdays and milestones to 2010 when my then husband and I adopted our first daughter Maddie (now age 9) from China.  Shortly after coming home with Maddie, infidelity reared its ugly head and hit me square in the face.  I had known of its existence for some time but up to this point had refused to acknowledge it in our marriage.  Friendships were destroyed and I was left to pick up the pieces and there was debris everywhere.  I duck taped the shit out of our marriage, our family, my dignity and tried hard to hold it together.  By my husbands account, no extra ordinary measures were even needed, 2 weeks was plenty of time for me to “get over” it.  So in an effort to continue to play the role of wife and mother and stay on the train, I stuffed my feelings, snapped out of it and refocused my time and energy to my children and tried to navigate through what my husband thought “I” could do to make it better.  I jumped through hoops, tip toed around adult temper tantrums and balanced 10 spinning plates on a pole all in an effort to save what was left and not let 20 years of my life go down in flames.  I was a master at not speaking my truth or being honest with myself about the state of my marriage and my life for that matter.  I was an ostrich with my head in the sand.

In all of the chaos that was my marriage, I still had a deep relationship with GOD and felt the call on my life to adopt again.  2 years went by and in 2012 we brought Mia (now age 6) home from China. It wasn’t long after she arrived home that more infidelity plaqued our relationship, over and over and over again.  2014 was our first separation and it lasted about 5 months.  Not long after he returned home did he meet and begin dating another 20 something year old girl.  His relationship with her stuck followed by our 2nd separation.  This time it was different.  I began listening to my body – the gut feelings that you know something is amiss, the tears perpetually at the brink of falling every day, the fear of stepping out of a completely controlled and always monitored life – AND i realized that I had to make a change.  Saying the words “I don’t want my marriage anymore” was a huge step for me in finding a voice that had been silenced for so long.   I knew I needed help to navigate my meek and scared self through the shit storm of a divorce with a controlling, vicious and manipulative man and to emerge and speak my truth, find my voice and live the life I always wanted to.  The curtain raises and In walks the most amazing LIFE COACH and “MY FIGHT” surfaces and I begin to “DO THE WORK” to reclaim my life.

Has this journey been easy?  Absolutely not.  I still carry with me the grief, the guilt and the pain but “Joy cometh in the morning”, Psalm 30:5  No matter what we go through in life, a new day dawns and brings with it the Joy of light, the joy of the possibilities yet unseen.

Through 25 years of a BAD relationship, the shining light is that I have 4 beautiful children that bring unbelievable JOY to my life every day.  The BIGS (my adult children) and I have a very close relationship and always have.  I devoted myself to them and their activities and still do.  I love to see them succeed (I am their  biggest cheerleader) and I am there for them in their failures to guide, assist and comfort.  My Littles are just that, beautiful little girls who Love their mom and I love them.  This isn’t my first rodeo raising kids, so I feel like an old pro.  Its a familiar role but one that I am most comfortable in and where my cup gets filled the most.

So that’s it…..  A quick glimpse.  As I continue to pour myself into this blog I will connect the dots, I will share my truth – the good, the bad and sometimes the ugly and I will expand on my experiences of Life After……

Me and My kiddos