A Letter to my Ex


sticky note

This cute little sticky note inspired me to write today.  To write this blog post symbolically as a letter to my ex-husband.  Those words on that sticky so tell my story, my truth.  I am so much more now…

Dear Ex,

For so long you pigeon held me to being half of who I should have been.  You limited my potential although I fought against what you said were my limits, the bar you set that I could not or didn’t have the ability to surpass.  Without you, I have discovered that sky’s the limit, that I can do anything I set my mind to.  I am smart and resourceful and have endless potential to be who it is I dream of being.

You told me that our friends hated me, that who I was led people to not want to be part of our lives.  But without you, those same friends have re-emerged and are actively part of my life. I have realized that I am fun, funny, adventurous and people want to be with me.  I have even grown my circle of friends exponentially – and these are good people both old and new friends that have morals, standards and live good lives.   I look back and see the few friends that didn’t follow me and they are the ones that are plagued with dysfunctional behaviors –   liars, cheaters, self absorbed, selfish – you can keep those folks.  Without you I have become an amazing friend who cares deeply for her friends, every one, and I put actions behind it.  Without you I am now free to be the Friend I always wanted to be to so many people.

You were silent, withholding any compliment or gesture of praise for anything I accomplished or even how I looked.  But without you I see the depth of my accomplishments and celebrate everyone of them.  I now look at myself and see beauty and can confidently radiate that to the world around me.

You controlled and limited my time outside of my home, stifling my ability to give back to others and my community.  Without you I am making an impact – making a difference in peoples lives that will be felt for many years to come….. and it feels good.

Without you I am my true self.  A beautiful person who loves her children, friends and family fiercely and completely. A smart and driven woman who’s career has flourished and is able to pay it forward in our community.  A fun and spirited friend who now gets to enjoy special times with great people. A humble child of the KING with an amazing testimony of HIS promises.

“Thank you” may not be sufficient considering all that I have gained….



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