Gotcha Day #8

Today, while wars are being fought across the globe, people are facing sickness, death, discrimination and many other tragedies and triumphs – the world stops,  even for a brief moment on this day as we celebrate one special little girl.  A little girl, who at 27 months old united a family and continues to do so, even through our own struggles.  We celebrate everything that Maddie is today, 8 years home, and everything that she has the potential to do in her very bright future.

Every year on Maddie’s Gotcha Day I feel something different.  Reading my Facebook post from last year – that feeling was grateful – grateful to even be part of her life and the things yet to come for her.  This year I feel pure JOY!  Joy for every hurdle, milestone and accomplishment that she has overcome and I have gotten to witness!  JOY that she is a SHINING light in my life.  Her smile, her infectious personality, her spunk, her tenacity and her sweet spirit.

When I look at Maddie’s sweet face – it reminds me, in my soul, of what is important in this life.  It humbles me every time I think about her story.  Her story of humility, love and triumph!  A true depiction of so many of GOD’s promises – Beauty from Ashes, An abundant life, etc.  How do I react to those reminders….  I push myself to be better, to be the person that GOD needs me to be for this little girl that he so graciously saw fit to place into my life.  People need to know that to see Maddie and be a part of her life – is to know that you are witnessing Greatness! – witnessing the Hand of God himself!

So Happy GOTCHA Day Maddie – I love you more than you will ever know.


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