Tickfaw 200 – a healing weekend

If you read my blog you probably know that in August of 2017 I bought a camp on the Tickfaw River in Springfield, Louisiana with my best friends from Baton Rouge.  We have spent time down there since purchasing but have not experienced a full summer there.  BUT… Summer is kicking off on the River and this past weekend was the Tickfaw 200 – an annual powerboat poker run that happens on the river and I got to experience it to the fullest.

This post is not to detail out what we did because frankly “what happens at the river, stays at the river” (LOL) but moreover to express my gratitude at how beautiful my life is now.  Sometimes in the valleys I can forget how far I have come and that my life HAS been rebuilt and it is full of people who love me and want to spend time with me.

There were moments when I caught myself this weekend, just taking it all in.  Looking around at my TRIBE that came to enjoy the weekend with me AND ALL of my friends I have made at the River and thinking – “this is good – like really good”……  And the people in my neighborhood and those in the surrounding area that have embraced me and my peeps, inviting us, welcoming us, sharing good times with us, is exactly what I envisioned when I purchased this place.  I could not have asked for more.  For the FIRST time in 3 years I felt normal… I didn’t wake up or go to sleep with any sadness looming.  I was excited to see what the next day held.  Again, another hurdle crossed , another step forward in the healing process.

My place on the river – isn’t just a camp – but an extension of my life where I welcome my friends and family to enjoy good times.  Its a place of solace and healing.  A place where I can have fun and laugh and be encapsulated in peoples goodness and kindness……it is overly abundant there.

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