Every year like clock work I write a post reflecting on what I have to be thankful for.  This year is no different.  And what a year of things to be thankful for.  Where do I even begin.

I am thankful for:

– Adoption.  November is National Adoption Awareness Month and it always makes me even more keenly aware of the beauty of adoption and what it means to my family.

– Travel.  The ability to travel all over the world and especially with my family enjoying beautiful experiences and making memories.  Some people live their entire lives wanting to travel and see the world and never get to as they age, get sick or just don’t have the funds.


– Friends and family.    My amazing friend group and inner circle of family who has stood in the gap for me time after time and who always stand by my side.  I love them with all my heart and am so blessed to have each of them in my life.

– Mended Fences.  For 5 years prayers were storming the Heavens for healing, forgiveness and kindness to be commonplace with me and my ex.  We have finally made it.  Forgiveness is beautiful and our relationship is how it should be.  We are able to finally enjoy the family we built together in peace and unity.


– My bigs significant others.  Both Collin and Emily love my children the way I prayed that someone would.  They embrace our crazy family and love each of us. They bring out the best in my Bigs and I see the love my Bigs have for them.  Its everything I prayed it would be.  They bring so much into this family and  I love them just as I love my own.


– My beautiful children.  I AM SO PROUD OF WHO EACH OF THEM ARE!  I could write a blog post just about how amazing they are and how big I love them!  I’m thankful for who they have become and are becoming and the relationship I have with each one!


– My person.  Dean loves me and everything about me – even the not so flattering moments I sometimes have. I am so thankful for our lives together and that he will forever be by my side, walking with me through life.


– Laughter.  Laughter is sometimes the best mechanism for joy in your life.  I’m thankful dean and I enjoy so much laughter in our relationship!


– New additions.  2 sweet little boys and a new extended family that has welcomed me and mine with open arms. I am thankful for each one of them and look so forward to more time together in the future!


And last but certainly not least……

– I am immensely thankful for the long list of memories I have of my dad and that I have absolutely no regrets… He loved me and I knew it…. I fiercely loved him and he knew it!

Thankful… it’s a big word this year! Hug your peeps, love them fiercely, embrace your journey.  And if you look around there is certainly lots to be thankful for!  Happy Thanksgiving 🦃

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