Conversations with an Old Athlete

I ran into a man that played ball with my dad. He remembered me from when I was a little girl following my dad around at the ball fields and basketball gyms. He is an old man now, and like me, is in need of Physical Therapy. So as we sat together in Physical Therapy we chatted. It did not take long for the conversation to go to all the fun times he had playing ball for many years. He talked about my dad and his competitiveness and wasn’t shocked at how competitive I was (Noone who knew my dad is shocked lol) and even shared a specific story of my dad – I laughed and treasured him sharing that with me. It was such a treat and a great conversation that brought back a lot of my core memories of my childhood and got me to thinking…..

Here this man sits, in his 70’s now, ailing with a bad right arm and what brought a smile to his face and a sparkle to his eyes were his memories of the good times he spent playing ball – it was a way of life for him and many like him – namely my dad. The comradery, the sportsmanship, the competitive spirit, the love of the game and the lifetime friendships that came from playing was evident.

Fast forward to why I am I being treated by a physical therapist – I have tennis elbow – from PLAYING TENNIS… wayyyyy to much tennis. But I have the bug – bad! And it is definitely a love for the game that my parents loved so much – but it is also because of the comradery, the sportsmanship, the competitive spirit, the love of the game and the friendships! I love my tennis friends and we are making the BEST memories.

And here is when I write specifically speaking to my teammates and more specifically to my doubles partners (I play on several teams). I am a lot. I know that I am. I am the offspring of a highly competitive, extremely athletically talented and spirited dad (and mom)…. And although I don’t necessarily like to lose – the full experience of playing alongside and with some amazing people resonates more than the win loss record. Getting to know everyone – cheering my team on – making memories and lifting one another up as we win or lose fills my cup! It is the very thing when I am old – I will reminisce about with whoever will listen. Money can’t buy these memories I am making. Thank you for tolerating my intensity! I love being connected in competition with each one of you.

Me and 2 of my tennis teams are heading to Sectionals, representing Louisiana in a couple of different divisions this weekend. I am so looking forward to having a great time with some AMAZING women! #LetsGo #WeAreGoingForTheWin #TomBrady

PS – My comradery, encouraging my partner and being positive on the court does not always come through when I am playing with Dean…. I love him dearly but I don’t always make it fun for him. But he has the best attitude and we laugh alot about it. I am working on it though….lol (I am good with him as long as we are winning :))


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