Travel with a Dose of Opportunity

I love travel. My travels have taken me all over the world. Some have even had a specific purpose – to bring babies home to their forever family. After my divorce, travel was my therapy – it allowed new sights, new experiences and new people to sav my broken soul. Now – 7 years down the road – it is a way of life for me. Travel is so heavily engrained in my every day life – my husband calls it “my hobby”. What a FUN Hobby!!!

I have been given the unique opportunity to emerse myself into travel even more! God knew my heart and knew what I always wanted to do… bring travel to others and NOW I am able to do that as part of the Avenues 2 Travel team!!!! and I am soooo excited to start this chapter of my life. Avenues 2 Travel is a full service, independent travel agency that has been locally owned and operated since the early 80’s.

I will be blogging about some of my recent travel adventures including some specific MUST DO’s and MUST SEE’s. And….. be watching for some group travel trips that I will be putting together as well as some awesome travel specials and deals.

There are so many more places I want to go and explore. Please reach out if you would like my help booking or you just want to talk travel. You can email at and definitely check out my new Avenues2Travel Facebook Page at

Just wanted to share a FEW of my favorite travel pics.

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