Law School… but so much more…

I have not sat down and written anything in quite some time. Life…. that is my excuse. But this topic has been stewing in me for quite a while. As some of you know my oldest daughter will be going to Law School in just a few short days. ( I have been shouting this fact from the highest rooftops) I am beyond proud of her. And of course I am – I am her mom – her biggest cheerleader. But what I want her to know and understand the depth of, is that – generations of women (not just those in her family) that came before her and paved the way are collectively holding their breath for you – cheering you on! I hope she knows that she is representing all of the faces of my friends, their daughters, other women in our community and their little girls reminding us that women can do anything we put our minds to – we to belong in the law profession or whatever profession we choose – we can contribute – AND WILL!

It wasn’t very long ago that we didn’t even have the right to vote (let that sink in for just a minute) let alone go to college…. Even today, in my family – There are still remnants of a generation who equated their worth to whether or not they were married. And here we are breaking that cycle – breaking those stereotypes or whatever you call them that have held women back for decades.

Tomorrow my community of amazing friends will celebrate her with a going away party. And just in case I forget – I am today raising a glass to the ones that thought they had to live in the shadow of others and never even bothered to dream anything was possible outside of what society saw as their role… It is possible.. Here she goes!!!!

And a special note to my baby daddy…. who sees her potential just as I do – and who is willing to move mountains (just as I am) to make this dream happen for her! More daddy’s should be like you!

Lizzy….. YOU can do HARD things! Now go rock Law School!


One thought on “Law School… but so much more…”

  1. You will be great! Much reading and work, … but that is what is required and you can do it! Be Great!


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