A Year of Journaling

Here is my phone screen saver picture… My sweet beautiful girls.

It has been my screen saver on my phone for a year now. In January of 2021 I felt GOD prompting me to keep a journal of all the small, insignificant but beautiful and wonderful moments in my life. I didn’t understand why but was obedient and started an online journal to document them – and created this screensaver to remind me daily to be present and mindful of all the beautiful moments I get to witness.

My friend posted a devotional from Proverbs 31 Ministries the other day that I read. It was about Looking back before Moving Forward. Once I read that devotion GOD finally revealed the purpose of having me keep record of the beauty I witnessed in 2021. It specifically states: the poignant power of looking back before we lunge forward – It readjusts our vision and reveals God’s faithfulness. It fine-tunes our memory and fortifies our gratitude“. WOW…. 2021 GOD did so many good things – moments that I wanted to pay attention to because he was doing something new and good in my life. However, with the hustle and bustle of a busy year I could have sailed through and missed so many beautiful moments had I not stopped to document even the smallest of these.

Now that we have turned the page to 2022 – I went back and read through my 135 entries that I made in the last 12 months. And as the devotional states it cleared my vision and encouraged my gratitude for how far I have come and the many blessings that 2021 had for me. These entries highlighted examples that I witnessed of redemption, friendship, love, restoration, thoughtfulness, selflessness, connection and so much more. What perspective is earned when we stop and smell the roses along the way. It definitely helped me not forget these small but beautiful moments – I am so thankful for documenting them. #beautyabounds God wants us to pay attention as we move through this world at the gifts he gives us, and not the monetary ones either. We miss all the good stuff when we aren’t present, mindful and paying attention to the important things.

I so encourage you to do this exercise – even for a month. You will have so much to journal about.. When your eyes are open you see so much!

I am resetting this year with a clean slate for 2022 – getting ready to set some goals, choose a theme (I never do new years resolutions) and see where GOD leads me this year. Stay tuned for this year’s THEME…..

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