On the heels of 2020, the pandemic and hurricane recovery that kept alot of us at home – we ushered in 2021 and all hoped that it would be an improvement. I am not so sure that either the weather or COVID cooperated with us in achieving the status of “improved”. However, early on in the year I vowed to live each day to the fullest and although things are different now – in our town, our country and abroad – 2021 pushed us to see an alternative normal and work around what we now have to deal with and not let it stop us.

After my dad passed away it was clearly evident that tomorrow is not promised – and for all his working, planning and saving for a time when he and my mom could venture off and travel – his journey ended and very little of his bucket list was ever scratched off. I am not saying that he didn’t live a great life – he did – but he saved all of those years and worked hard just to have his time on earth run out before he got to go, see and do all the things he had hoped. And his story isn’t the only one that has the same storyline and ending….

SOOOOOO that was my motivation behind 2021 – my dad and a year wasted sitting at home because of covid and recovering because of mother nature. As this piece is titled numbers – let me give you my numbers for 2021: 4, 1, 2, 3, 2, 18 (these are not lottery numbers but they have yielded something way more valuable)

4 – weddings – 1 of which was mine

1 – funeral

2 – engagement parties

3 – Parties hosted by me – Eat the Cake, Mardi Gras and a Derby Shower

2 – Competitions – Annual Basketball tournament & Thanksgiving Human Foosball

18 – places I have traveled to this year. I was on the move every month but June. And some were weekend driving adventures – but we went… we explored, found adventure, and we enjoyed. Here is that list, in no particular order:

Fredericksburg, Tx (twice)

St. Francisville, La

Nashville, TN

Cabo San Lucas

Orlando, Fl

Whitefish, Montana

Mandeville, La – we love this place and went several times with friends

Yogi Bear Campground

Marble Falls, Tx

Orange Beach, Al

St. Louis, Mo

Colorado Springs, Co

Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Mena, Arkansas

Las Vegas, NV

Galveston, Tx

Goal accomplished. I refuse to live my life waiting on a better time to go, see and do. I don’t know what tomorrow holds for me and today I am healthy and able and have this voracity for travel. In honor of my dad and others who worked their whole life and never got to their bucket list – I will not make your same mistake.

What I learned this year is that people and connection are so important…. that there is a lot of beauty to see in nature and within the US and sometimes a short drive outside your town you can find the best hidden treasures. We had such good times. We traveled alone, with our family (kiddos) and with our friends. We are tired and will be taking the rest of the holiday season to just stay home, rest and reset for 2022.

Here’s just a few pictures from our amazing year!

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