A look back at 2019

What a year!  When I look through all of my photos and memories of 2019 – I just keep saying “what a year it has been”.  Before I began this post I re-read my New Years Post from earlier this year – just to gain a perspective of what I was anticipating 2019 to look like.  Reading that post, I smiled thinking all that I had hoped for has been delivered in 2019 and then some.  Although I was stopped in my tracks in April with the deafening loss of my dad, I soldiered on and made 2019 a year to remember.

From College Graduation, the start of middle school, giving back to my community, amazing travels, growth in my business, to a healing of a family, an engagement and a wonderful holiday season.  What more could I ask for?!

I just keep looking at the big picture of 2019 and think WOW – how far I have come and what a beautiful life I now have.  2019 theme’s was perseverance and preserved I have.  I pushed through to capture everything GOD had in store for me this year.  He has been so faithful!  Perseverance isn’t mastered overnight – it is the will to keep going, putting one foot in front of the other (despite what your facing) through whatever time you have to – to get to what you want. And I finally feel like I have “arrived” so to speak.  Although there is more to do – 2020 will see a shift in my direction again – stay tuned for 2020 New Years post.  But today, before we turn that page and march on to a new year – I just wanted to take a final look at what 2019 became….. and it was good.





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