Happy New Year…

We are turning a page to not only a new year but a new decade.  I am taking stock of what 2019 brought and all I have accomplished, survived and overcame.  All in All 2019 was a good year.  Looking forward to the new year and new decade I want something different.  The last few years were about survival and regaining my footing in this crazy life.  Life has normalized a bit and my focus in life is now shifting.

No new years resolutions for me – it has always been 1 word themes for what I want my year to look like.  2020 is the year of humbleness.  The perspective that I have gained through my struggles, the overwhelming fact of how abundantly blessed I am and how I have been quite self absorbed (rightfully so) the last few years have given me a burning desire for 2020 to be more than just about me – I want this year to be filled with humility, humbleness, service to others and a spirit of giving.

I have talked to my children and we are on a quest to make a difference and give back – to be humble servants in our community.  As my littles were once part of the population of the forgotten – we will focus our giving efforts on those that society often forgets – the elderly, orphans, children in foster care and we will strive to make an impact.  As I always say….. I cannot do everything. but just because I cannot do everything I Will Not refuse to do something.  And we will be doing something, many things all year – big and small.

I am excited once again what the new year brings.  I am most excited about the opportunity for me and my family to serve others and the blessings that doing so will bring us.  Happy New Year!


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