Life dad

I have been super weepy these past couple of weeks as we approach my dad’s birthday. This blog was entitled “Life After” but I never really thought or wanted it to be about Life after my dad, but here I am. Here I am with tears welling up in my eyes thinking about all that he has missed and all that I want so badly to tell him about. My mind starts making a list, so to speak…. So here is the list:

  • Lizzy’s College Graduation – this was the 1st event he missed and it was hard. He was so proud of his grandchildren.
  • The toxic girlfriend of my ex-husband finally left our lives – Boy did we all rejoice on this one. He would have too. It was a long 4 years and he prayed many days for GOD to remove her from our lives. I like to think he finally got some face time with the man in charge who got this done for us.
  • My ex and I finally stopped warring and we co-parent well together – He was my sounding board for all things that I struggled with in that situation.
  • Lizzy landed a job in Houston at Aire Liquide in the HR Department and most recently received a promotion
  • Christopher landed his dream job at Purina and has had a couple of subsequent big promotions.
  • Maddie plays on a U15 Boys soccer team and wears his number 00 proudly as she kicks those boys butts!
  • I built some more apartments, bought a couple of houses and most recently another apt complex… Even named the new apartments after him – Clifton Heights had a nice ring to it..
  • Mia is playing tennis!!!! Finally one of his grandchildren that love Tennis like he loved it!
  • Christopher secured us a spot to compete on Family Feud
  • Lizzy made a fantastic score on her LSAT and will be heading to Law School in the near future…
  • We endured a global pandemic, COVID itself and quarantine…. and the most ridiculous presidential election ever. – I would have fiercely protected him against COVID and he would have thought all the media hype about it was horseshit. I can hear him now.
  • We survived 2 hurricanes and an ice storm. He would have been proud of how I handled all that was thrown at me in 2020
  • I got married… this one was a big one to miss
  • Baylor won its first ever Final Four – March Madness was truly maddening
  • I went back to work for the coolest company EVER – He would have loved hearing all my cool stories about what we do.
  • I bought a new car – this really isn’t that significant except that it is – see he LOVED cars.

The list could go on and on…. It would seem the more time passes the less I would miss him but it is quite the opposite. The more time soldiers on and the more things that transpire in this life with me and my kids – the greater the longing for him to be here for me to tell him about it.

“Life After”_________ (many things: divorce, re-marriage, etc) is so good. But “Life After” my dad is bittersweet.

That is all……

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