The End of a Season

Everything has a reason for showing up in your path, some things last for a lifetime and others just for a season. Although bittersweet, the season that was my Camp at the Tickfaw River has come to an end.

Let me rewind to 2017. I was freshly divorced, broken and needed a place where I could recharge and have some fun out of the spotlight. The Camp at the Tickfaw was that place for me. If you have read my previous posts about the camp and the Tickfaw river you will know that it held a special place in my heart. I found healing there, solace and a whole lot of fun. I had many many good times with my friends and my family. The camp was even where Dean and I met face to face for the first time. Just driving there and getting to the exit sign – all the stress of the world I was carrying around would instantly melt away. Just seeing that sign would make me smile.

Things change, healing happens and new chapters begin. Although bittersweet, (and I did shed a few tears driving there for the last time) – it was time to close this chapter. I’m a different person with a different life than I was when I initially bought this place. BUT..with the close of one chapter – a new one begins. And so I have a couple of new projects I am working on and who knows where or even if we buy a camp again. You’ll have to stay tuned. But I can say this…. I am so excited about the future and what is in store for me and my family!

To the new owners of my beloved House on the Tickfaw…. I hope that it brings you many good memories, good friends, lots of new adventures and healing of your own.

Just to close I had to include some pics (not all) of the amazing times I have shared at the camp. Thanks to all my people for being part of some wonderful memories there.

Cheers to new chapters!

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