Surrendered Expectations

Stepping down off of yesterdays soapbox I have brushed my hair, freshened my lipstick and regrouped – to say the least.  Some days you just have to get that stuff off your chest – so to speak.  And as if on que, God always shows up and gives me his word and helps me see things through His eyes.

I read my daily devotion this morning and it was about just that very thing I entitled this post and so relevant to yesterdays post:   surrendering our expectations.  It asked a very poignant question – one I pondered for some time this morning.

Is it possible that God has given you the desires of your heart, but they are packaged differently than you expected?

Wow… what a question for someone like me who really had strong feelings about how I felt my life should be playing out. I have learned a lot during this journey and that has been one of the biggest;  to temper my expectations and trust GOD that he knows my wants and needs and he sees the things I cannot see and he answers my prayers even if they look differently than I expected them to look.

At the root of that question is “Do you really Trust GOD?”  I am learning to surrender to his will and give up the illusion of control – He’s got this – He is in control – He does not need my help lol.

So…. How would you answer the question above?  My answer is …… Yes it is possible and yes they are packaged very differently than I thought they would look – but those desires of my heart are met – they have been fulfilled and they are more beautiful than I could have ever imagined.

Perspective gained as I walked off the soapbox.  Almost as if HE listened to me in real time and ran over to talk with me about what the big picture really looks like.  Just step back and take a look around.  ***See below for a small glimpse




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