My soapbox

I have started this post now 4 times and regrouped.  Here is my final attempt to get out what I am feeling and I may sound a little mad, —–  but I’m not mad… I’m hurt (thank you Jessica for helping me call it what it is) and I can’t seem to write this without that feeling of sorrow coming out on the page.   In this journey and especially when writing my blog I have been vigilant about being authentic.  Well here is authentically how I feel.soapbox

How can people be so thoughtless and self centered?  How can one say in the pursuit of “Them being happy” I am going to walk away and leave chaos in their wake that will affect even the closest of those that love them.  Then after they walk away and you and yours semi-survive their of path of destruction …. their new happiness turns out to be a trainwreck and isn’t happy after all – and they just walk away like ok that didn’t work out.  WHAT!?

I say all of this to hopefully make someone stop and think…. think about someone else beside themselves.  Unless you are the uni-bomber, you do not live life in a silo/alone.  The things we say and do in life affect other people.  The careless disregard for anybody but oneself is reckless and leads to damaged children, damaged friendships, damaged people.  If you are not happy – the only real answer is to look within yourself.  Happiness comes from within….

Here are my key takeaways to pass along out of this whole experience:

– The grass is never greener

– True Contentment and Happiness comes from within AND a deep relationship with GOD

– Things will NEVER ever make you happy

– You reap what you sow,  and if that is confusing for you or you’re just not sure what that means just follow the 10 Commandments and you should be good.

– Respect can never be demanded – it is always earned.

– True commitment isn’t conditional

– and last but certainly not least… Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

There are a lot of good people in my life that overshadow the bad.  I am thankful for the many blessings in my life – even those that were painful.  I continue to pray for the peace which surpasses all understanding.


“Your ways are higher, you know just what I need.  I trust you Jesus, you see what I cannot see”                                  -Chris McClarney (I’m Listening)



PS  You may now continue on… my feet stomping temper tantrum is over.  Life goes on.


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