Sometimes remnants of my prior life appear in my present life – almost like messenger pigeons.  Bringing messages that not only remind me that I am so much better off but also ones that let me see the TRUTH about what I thought my reality was.  Some of these conversations have been earth shattering to say the least.  Stories of events that were painted very differently for me at the time but are cloaked with manipulation and lies.     I felt like the final layer of fog was lifted from my eyes and for the first time in my LIFE I really am able to see the person I was formerly married to for who he truly is and what the reality of my life was and this goes wayyyyy beyond infidelity folks.

What does one do with that kind of TRUTH which is so contrary to what I thought my life was?  Well….  it took me a couple days to process the gravity of it all.  Then you make it right with those you wronged because of the lies you were told.  You recognize the blessing of clarity that gives you a greater awareness for your path forward.  And finally you TRUST that GOD has a plan and a reason for all things and you keep moving forward…. finally closing some chapters that were long overdue……

truth 2 meme





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