Happy (belated) New Year with a dose of Perseverance

We are already in month 3 of the new year so this post is a little late, however I wanted to pen a post about the new year because I am excited about what it will bring.  2 big things we will see in 2019 is a College Graduation for Lizzy as well as the beginning of her journey called “Adulting” with a move to Houston and the start of a new job with Aire Liquide’s corporate office.  At the opposite end of the school spectrum we will also see the end of elementary school and the transition for Maddie into MIDDLE SCHOOL – where does the time go.

Travel for 2019 hasn’t been 100%locked in but we are off to a good start, kicking off the year with  an amazing ski trip with friends and my big kids.  Me and the girls will be traveling to St. Louis soon to see our favorite guy in the whole wide world and I will venture to explore CUBA later in the summer.  Stay tuned for more exciting travel for 2019 to come.

2019 is shaping up to be a good year already but I wanted to take a moment and focus on the bigger picture for 2019.  Every new year we turn the page and get a chance on a fresh start.  A new set of months to do all over again.  Each year for many years I have sworn off New Years Resolutions and picked themes for the new year.  This year’s theme…. drumroll please…. is PERSEVERENCE! The last few years for me have been transitional… that’s a good word to describe it.  2019, will be the beginning of the end of transition and I see me moving into more of a normal phase of life.  Not to say 2019 wont have challenges, I am just determined to Persevere through them to the life I want…. I have persevered through all the adversity and valleys life has gifted me over the last few years and that perseverance is paying off.  – and yes I mean gifted!

When I look back at all the pictures that document 2018 I smile – It has been quite a year.  Those pictures are filled with adventures, friends – new and old, celebrations, milestones and a new found LOVE…. they document the turning of a corner for me.  The corner where grief and sadness are left and where perseverance takes over!  I am thankful for 2018 and looking forward to 2019 – even looking forward to the Holidays!!!  Happy belated New Year.


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