From a Mom’s perspective

I often write about my feelings and my experiences from a standpoint of a divorced woman.  Today I want to write from my MOM point of view. Everyone that knows me knows the story about my littles – but very few see the intricacies of all they face and what they have to overcome.  Today is a story about OVERCOMING.

I attended parent/teacher conferences today to look at both girls 3rd nine weeks progress in 5th grade and 2nd grade. These meetings are much different for me than when I went for my BIGS.  The questions I ask are different, the things I am curious and concerned about look wayyy different, my motherly perspective is just different with the littles knowing the challenges in learning and development they face.

To hear a teacher say that Maddie is fighting past her stumbling blocks to master her studies and be able to study and successfully take tests on large amounts of material made my eyes well with tears of joy.  Her time between introduction of new concepts until mastery is much shorter now. And I am realizing that she is able to leverage – on her own – her resources (her homework tutor) to be able to study what she needs to, get help where she needs it as well as work in her extracurricular activities like sports – she is learning to manage her own life at the tender age of 11.  Its quite impressive for an average 5th grader let alone one that has learning challenges, deals with living in 2 households and has to deal with tension and conflict between her parents.  But we all know that there is nothing average about Maddie – she is strong, tenacious and determined – her spirit is unwavering and she is wise beyond her years.  She humbles me when I think of what that child overcomes and the beautiful plan and purpose GOD must be calling her to.

My sweet ball of fire, full of personality MIA – is a leader and a math expert.  She has had many successes and much growth throughout the year that is measurable and quite impressive.  She has fought her way from the bottom to the top of those measuring sticks for 2nd grade!  Her teacher says she a leader in the classroom and with her friends.  Sometimes I see her as overly sensitive and I always say she is emotionally connected to the world in a deeper way than any of us – but when I think of her as a Leader – those qualities may very well bring to her leadership style compassion, empathy and a boldness that many leaders do not possess.

Again I am humbled, truly humbled at how GOD can turn ashes into something beautiful.  Its in the small things folks – the things we tend to overlook that are GOD’s biggest triumphs!  Its those that HE uses to redeem, build, and beautify.  HE has a significant purpose for both Maddie and Mia on this Earth.  My prayer is always that they know this and they are able to discern what GOD is calling them to do.  #REDEMPTION #ADOPTIONISBEAUTIFUL #OVERCOMING #FINDINGGODSPURPOSE




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