Enjoy the Journey

I recently celebrated my 46th birthday surrounded by family and friends.  46…. take that in for a moment.  Some years turning a year older was tough – not this year… I feel 46 is going to be one of my best years yet.

During the festivities, I received one of the most unique gifts for my birthday that I have ever received.  It was a beautiful yet simple necklace that had beads on it.  If you were to just look at the necklace without any background – you would think – its pretty.  But when you looked deeper it was so much more…  The beads were arranged in “morse code” and revealed a message of “Enjoy the Journey” – which is a very poignant message for me.  Poignant in that I haven’t always enjoyed the journey.

birthday present pic

I think sometimes we walk through trials in our life – divorce being one of them and we eventually get to the other side.  AND, although GOD is there with us through it – we don’t enjoy the journey.  We get lost in the grief, the struggle and we lose focus of trying to find the joy and blessings in that space.  The blessings when we look back at the journey are abundantly clear – we just can’t seem to see them while we are walking.  Kinda like the necklace… almost like the blessings are being broadcast to us in Morse Code and we can’t figure out what its saying.  But when you look deeper and pay attention to the details, just like I did to the necklace, you see the message so clearly.

For me, I didn’t always enjoy the journey in that moment – it was tough.  However, looking back I can see where God was pouring out his blessings upon me in those moments.  Where he was making all things right.  And bigger picture folks…. I wouldn’t change a thing I went through – it got me where I am today.

birthday pic




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