More than a concert…

Recently my 10 year old daughter shared with me her struggles with friends as a 5th grade girl.  We all know girls can be very mean and we have all walked that walked through 5th grade and middle school girl issues.  Its tough – it was then and it is even more so now with technology and social media. Fast forward a few days after that conversation to this past Friday night.  Our conversation was heavy on my heart.  My oldest daughter and I had tickets to go see Taylor Swift (it was a Christmas present from the year before) and it hit me – Maddie needs to come and hang with Me and her sister – have a little “big girl” time.  Maybe that would do her some good.  So I jumped through hoops getting her a ticket and we were off to Houston.

My whole intention was just for Maddie to come to the concert, hang out with us and hopefully let loose a little.  (Maddie is quite a serious soul and is very self conscience in some respects – so acting silly and letting loose isn’t the norm for her).  What I didn’t know was that this outing was more than just getting to see a concert.

This was Maddie’s first concert experience ever – and what better artist to see than Taylor Swift who is so humble and real.  Mid way through the concert Taylor takes a few moments to talk about why she wrote the album/song Reputation.  In her speech she talks about the mean girls trying to discredit and ruin your reputation and how staying true to yourself is the path to happiness – not that the road would be easy but so worth it when we focus on being a good person and connecting with people in an authentic way.  Then she played “Shake it off”.  I saw the look in Maddie’s face when Taylor was talking – like she got it – and then pure childlike joy when we all danced and sang along to the song.  I knew in that moment that this experience was bigger than me – that GOD was working all things to the good.  Her older sister being there and being an example that its ok to have fun and let loose certainly helped Maddie feel comfortable in doing so. The relationship with the bigs are so important to my littles, beyond just being siblings – they are true role models.

The drive home was just as meaningful when we got to chat the entire car ride home about everything from school, to soccer … family to her birthday party.  Taking the opportunity to impart a little momma wisdom upon her.  I find that I am sharing the same momma wisdom I did and still do with my bigs.  Guiding principles, morals and values are timeless.

SO my friends here’s a bit of my wisdom for this post…… its the small moments that sometimes we miss that we must pay attention to and capitalize on…. the moments where people are moved and impacted the most by a conversation, by someone listening to them or just treating them like they matter.  The moments that seem like its one thing (like just a concert) when in actuality its something bigger that’s happening – its moments that touch your soul. @taylorswift

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