One last trip for 2018

My travel is complete for 2018.  What a year!  I have had so many fun adventures and got to see places and things some will only see in pictures.  I am certainly a blessed girl.  My travel adventures were rounded out with a Cruise up the East Coast with one of my best girlfriends of 20+ years.  What I thought would just be an OK trip turned out to be a fabulous one!  I joked when we arrived that I was definitely on the wrong cruise ship – as they made announcements to ensure that all medication were kept with you as you board and where you could find the wheelchairs.  I was definitely the youngest by 20 years or so – lol.

In the moment of experiencing new things, I always like to think deeply and take it all in and hopefully take away something from the experience.  Here is what I came away with:

– I applaud all of those older folks that took that cruise.  They did not let anything stop them from traveling and seeing some amazing things – illness, physical limitations, etc.  They rocked on…. with wheelchair, scooters, oxygen tanks, canes, etc.

– I was patient with all those sweet old people (which is not my strong suit) because one day that will be me and my tribe – in a wheelchair or stretcher for that matter – traveling and seeing the sights – letting nothing STOP us!

– I saw and met some beautiful couples that had MANY years together and saw that LOVE still exists after that many years.  It adapts and looks different than it did when they were younger (I am sure) but its there and it prevails.

This trip was at the top of my list of amazing trips!  The ports of call were beautiful and my running buddy made the adventure easy, fun and full of laughs!  GOD’s creation is beautiful……  FUN TIMES!


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