Summer Travels

School is back in session and summer has ended as have my summer travels.  Ahhh summer…..  it was sweet this year.  I cannot think of a summer in my entire life where I had as much fun and covered as much ground as I did.  From May until August I have had maybe 2 weekends that I actually spent in my home – otherwise I was on the GO.  And it felt good to go.  It felt good to have the freedom to make my own decisions about where to go, when to go and how long to go for.  My travels were purposeful trips meant to see my dearest friends, my children, trips for work, family vacation, birthday celebration trips and mixed in all that travel was MANY weekend trips to my camp with lots of river fun.

I saw the most amazing Cirque de Solei show in Vegas, at the Wynn, hiked Mary Jane Falls and spent some face to face time with one of my besties.  Boated on the Ouchita Lake in Arkansas, road horses,  mined for Diamonds and had the funnest time playing Family Feud with my Bigs and Littles.  I explored historic Savannah and Tybee Island and reconnected with one of my favorite places – The Riverwalk in San Antonio. I laughed til I almost cried at an Improv club in St. Louis as well as spent some much needed one on one time with my son and even got to meet his Girlfriends beautiful family.   Jetted over to Nashville for the Kenny Chesney Concert and a little downtown Nashville weekend fun and rounded out my travels with an amazing adventure to Santorini Greece with my oldest daughter.  We hiked, boated, beached it and enjoyed beautiful scenery and amazing food.  What a whirlwind of a summer.  Mixed into all my actual travels were weekday dinners in Houston with my Daughter, who was interning there for the summer, and loads of river time on the boat with my many wonderful friends.

After all that travel the most profound thing I have to say is…. I am tired.  Yes tired.  I am glad I did it and have wonderful memories but I was ready for a little slower pace for the fall.  I have one more trip in October to round out the year – a cruise up the east coast.

Travel has always been a passion of mine.  The adventure of new sights, trying new things has forever called my name and will continue to do so.  I am grateful that I have children who have the same adventurous spirit and friends that do too.  2019’s travel line up will take me to some amazing places with a pretty amazing travel companion too! #excitedaboutthefuture


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