The Valley

There are so many quotes that I read daily, in various places. This one is profound for me:

We don’t get our healing at the mountain top, we get our healing in the valley.

Wow. How many valleys have I walked through. And 9 times out of 10 – when you read my blogs you are reading it when I am in the valley – healing myself. Many years ago I was so oblivious to what that quote truly meant and now I have a PhD in it. When I started this journey I was so scared of the valley – it was uncomfortable and dark. I hated walking that walk – hated it. Now I embrace it because I know the walk out of the valley is coming and a new healing is achieved – a new level of courage, wisdom and vulnerability was gained. I crave it now.

So many of my beautiful friends are walking the valleys….for various reasons, some have a commonality in why I walked the valleys. This post is me in my megaphone telling them and others walking that same path – that healing is found there!

My valleys are not gone, I still walk through some but the mountain tops are more frequent. For this I am thankful. The brokenness will always be part of who I am but RESTORED is what shows up in the world now.

Stay the course, embrace the valleys – they will get you to the mountaintops!

I always try to include a picture with my posts that represents what the topic of the blog is. But do we ever take pictures of our lowest moment? I don’t. My camera roll is representative of only the best of times. But here is one of the earliest pictures of me when I was months maybe even weeks after my separation/divorce. The picture is cute – but it was a night I was going to a large function alone with some of my sweet friends. I felt awkward that night being alone and that smile was a fake it til you make it one. In the end I conquered the night and ended up having a really good time. It’s the best I have as a representation of the valley…. Me, just me, putting one foot in front of the other putting myself back together.

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