Where do I even start? I have so much I want to say. I mean, let’s see…. COVID-19 pandemic, catastrophic hurricane Laura, school, the presidential debate 🤦‍♀️…. like where should I start, how do I formulate my thoughts into a complete and coherent sentence or thought for that matter….

So much has changed in 2020, so much has been taken away, destroyed and I don’t see an end to the chaos anytime in the near future.

It almost seems a bit selfish of me to blog about any of my personal life struggles so I’ll spare you for now.

So what is the purpose of this post? Since I can’t really pick 1 topic, here is a sampling of what’s going on in my head:

  • Hurricane Laura was obviously very mad when she hit my beautiful community as she destroyed it like I’ve never seen before
  • I wonder how long will it take for our community to recover…. Hurricane Rita took years! Buckle up it’s going to be a long journey back.
  • I’m thankful that after 7 months my children have gone back to school. Doesn’t seem like a long time in the big picture but for those kids that need special services to help learning…7 months is a long time to be without and it sets us back potentially even further.
  • I hate fighting traffic with all of the big trucks and construction workers in town to get across town to soccer practice…. but it’s a piece of normal I’ll fight for
  • My children act better than our politicians on both sides. Low blows, name calling and blatant disrespect…. it’s shameful. Leaders needs to lead, empower, encourage and unite… if you can’t do that then sit down and let a true leader take over.
  • Covid is real, no doubt, but I refuse to sit home scared. I live a very healthy lifestyle and my travels will resume starting next weekend.
  • October birthdays are here and it’s an exciting time, I have a teenager in my house once again. Oh joy!!!
  • Not having internet access really does affect every aspect of the life we live these days, especially when one runs their entire business online! The struggle has been real.
  • I still miss my dad like crazy…especially with all this chaos going on.
  • I am really hopeful that there will be a high school and college basketball season. I need it! (Who cares about the NBA 🙄)
  • I don’t sleep well these days, my mind is constantly racing, but in the middle of the night is when I do my best praying.
  • My children have no real concept of the devastation that hurricane Laura brought. The day after the storm they were asking me to take them to get ice cream when the whole town had no water or power.
  • There are different rules when a natural disaster hits…. meaning you make sure family, neighbors and other people are ok regardless of any baggage that’s between you or how busy or How much damage you have.
  • Stress makes me act out and sometimes it’s not so nice. Ask Dean, he’s had to deal with Hurricane Melissa.
  • When I am overwhelmed I am not a good communicator especially with those I love, but I get shit done!
  • I’m thankful that instacart grocery delivery is still operational even with the hurricane recovery.

I hope at some point the thoughts swirling around in my head will fall into some sort of order. Enough to where I can process everything that has happened and then start blogging and my writings make sense. Until then…. stay safe, be kind to one another, and pray for our community.

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