On this eve of Thanksgiving I woke up reflecting on all that I had to be thankful for.  Here are my thoughts in no particular order.  I am thankful for:

– An amazing bunch of children that I get to be Mom to and 1 extra that is mine but not mine that I love just as much. #PricelessTreasures

–  A Dad that I have such a special connection with and of course another basketball season with him

– Safe Travels for my daughter, although she won’t be with me for Thanksgiving, I am thankful for the opportunity she has to travel and see places some have only seen in pictures.

– My older children’s significant others, Emily and Collin and the happiness they bring into our lives. I love them as much as I love my children.

– The struggles in my life, because without the struggle there is no progress.

– My besties, that are more like family than friends and the times that we have enjoyed over the past year and there’s more to come….

– For my Blog and that GOD gave me an outlet and a gift of writing.  I am also thankful for the people it touches and hopefully brightens and encourages them in their walk of life.

– For my family, my mom, sister, uncle, aunt and dad who are ever present in my life, are always my biggest cheerleaders and are always there to celebrate the special times in this life with me.

– For a new family I get to spend this Thanksgiving with.  I pray this is the first of many family gatherings together.

– Last but certainly not least… For Dean, who makes the sunshine brighter and the music sound better in my life.

Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours.  May your day be filled with people who love you, good food and lots of laughter.  And I pray that this season of Thankfulness spills over and continues throughout the year.



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