My 1 polticial (non political) post for the year

I am not a deeply political person. I do have strong beliefs and of course opinions about politics but for the most part the whole institution of politics is plagued by bad behavior and corruption and I had enough of that in my marriage to last a lifetime. However, I do believe in our country, our system of justice (although flawed at times), our constitution and of course our right as citizens to vote. I know there are many generations of people before me that have fought for the right to vote for everyone. I remember registering the moment I turned 18 so that I could participate in having my voice heard. As well, I encouraged both of my grown children to do the same.

I have been silent on this current presidential election because I know I have friends and family whose beliefs differ and I would never want to make them feel like their opinion doesn’t count – because frankly it does. Just like mine and as adults we exercise our opinion at the voting polls and then for me – enough said – life goes on.

Today’s post is not about Trump or Biden – Its bigger than 2 men. Its about Voting – Voting IS our democracy. We the people have a voice at the polls. Its the foundation of our country. When the integrity of the vote is questioned that is concerning no matter who your candidate is. So let’s talk sports – I like basketball – everyone knows it – like super passionate about it. There are rules of the game that are officiated on the court – and sometimes I don’t always like how they affect my team – but at the end of the day even though I want that win so badly – I want to win fair and square. And after what I have been through in my life – I want truth to always prevail – its so important.

I can’t say beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is definite voter fraud or any manipulation of our voting systems. However, the suggestion and eye witness reports of such should make us ALL as american citizens want to know the truth. Let’s investigate – if there is nothing there then we move on – if there is WE need to know – its critical. Just like instant replay in basketball – lets look at it, investigate all angles and make the call. THIS is so worthy of our attention – our leaders on both sides of the party lines should be calling for a thorough investigation. I know if I was running as a candidate I would NEED to know that I won or lost fair and square. Just think about sports and your favorite team when you know the call was wrong and no one is willing to look into it (case in point the Saints Super bowl game).

Again I cant say enough times that VOTING is one of the key foundations that defines us as a democracy – its so important that we know there is integrity in the system as a whole. Just my 2 cents. You can now return to your daily activities.

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