We Bought a Camp


Recently I made a decision to purchase a “Camp” on the river in this small community East of Baton Rouge.  It was something that I had always wanted to have and even after beginning to look it was a daunting undertaking if not for my best friend from high school and her wonderful husband that live in the area.  We spend a lot of time together anyway and now having them as partners in this purchase made “Camp” ownership a possibility.

And what’s even better GOD knew exactly what I wanted to accomplish in having a camp, as I prayed about it long and hard.  He even addressed my many concerns and apprehensions too.  It’s amazing how the FATHER knows our very hearts desires, our biggest fears and orchestrates answers to each from above, sending those in our paths that were put there for a purpose.

He knew I would need someone to help with the upkeep as well as someone to share my time with out there, “poof” he sent me Desiree and Eddy.  And I cannot say enough about this partnership that has developed out of a life long friendship.  And we each have our roles –   Eddy of course does the manly things that camp life requires, Desiree is our boat captain (as I would never venture to learn to drive, dock and maintain a boat – not in my wheelhouse of things I am good at – but she rocks at it) and I cook, but most importantly we all have FUN and love life at the camp.

GOD also knew I needed a peaceful place to replenish my spirit from the stresses of my life – what’s more peaceful than being on the water.  He knew I wanted to be part of a community that embraced friendship and like to have FUN – and he delivered.  The people I have met in my small camp community are genuine, welcoming and fun loving.  They look out for each other, love to gather up and visit, laugh, watch football, eat and have fun.   Its everything I asked GOD for and MORE.  I have even found a small church home in the area with some incredibly sweet people.

My camp will be a place where good memories will be made with my circle of friends from home, my kiddos as well as new experiences with new friends.  I can’t wait!!!!!


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